NPD Feedback

The Nassau Police Department is committed to ensuring public safety through law enforcement, education, and exceptional service to the community. It strives to perform its mission with the highest level of integrity. In order for the department to provide you with the finest quality service, we welcome your opinions and comments.

If you wish to commend a Nassau police officer, we request that you write a letter to Officer-in-Charge Jones by email to, or by regular mail. You may also do so in person at the Police Department which is located in the Nassau Village Municipal Building, 40 Malden St. Nassau, NY 12123. Verbal commendations can also be received by the Officer-in-Charge at any time and location.

If you feel that an officer has failed to provide you with quality police service, or has acted inappropriately, you are encouraged to contact the Officer-in-Charge or the Police/Public Safety Commissioner in order to file a formal complaint. Complaints against ANY officer will result in the investigation of your complaint and the officer. All complaints are taken very seriously.

If you do not wish to make the complaint in person, you may contact the Officer in Charge at (518)-766-9293 and request further information on filing a complaint.