Melissa Turner-Bulan


Hello. My name is Melissa Turner-Bulan. I am the Village of Nassau Clerk. I was born and raised here in Nassau. I have lived in the Village for over 20 years with my husband, Frank, and 2 daughters, Kayla and Alexis. My family and I are very involved in the community, church, and school, as well as run our own business.

Duties and Services Provided

The Village Clerk is the primary point of contact for Village-related matters. The Village Clerk is a public officer whose duties include responsibility for the care and custody of all official records and documents of the Village, for protection and preservation of the Village’s past history, administration of all Village elections and referendum, the accurate record of Board of Trustees proceedings, actions, and documentation of Board of Trustees meetings, administering the Village’s records management program, receiving and filing claims against the Village, maintenance of the Village Code and providing research and information services to the public and Village personnel.
The Village Clerk is the Village’s Freedom of Information Officer/Records Access Officer and has the duty of coordinating the Village’s response to public requests for access to records pursuant to the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).
The Village Clerk is a Licensing Agent who coordinates the issuance a variety of licenses and permits in the Village, including: building permits, peddler’s licenses, special events permits, handicapped parking permits, games of chance permits, etc.
The Village Clerk’s responsibilities also include the collection of moneys for real property taxes and water and refuse services, the collection of fees for and issuance of licenses and permits, the processing of Village claims for payment, and deposit of all moneys collected into Village accounts, and the accounting for such moneys received to the Village Treasurer.

The Village Clerk is appointed by the Mayor for a term of four years.


Phone: (518) 766-3044, Ext 0
Fax: (518) 766-2939
Office hours: 9 am – 12 pm, Monday through Friday

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