Albany-Hudson Electric Trail

The Albany-Hudson Electric Trail is part of the larger New York State-led Empire State Trail project which has a goal of completing the walking/cycling trail network from Manhattan to Buffalo by 2020. The Albany-Hudson Electric Trail is the old trolley line that ran from Albany to Hudson. Within the Village, the line runs parallel and to the west of Elm and Chatham Streets, crossing Route 20 near John Street. As the name suggests, the corridor is an old railroad, with gradual curves and a generally flat grade. Today the land is owned by National Grid and used for electrical transmission lines. As part of the Empire State Trail project, the state will be designing and constructing a walking/cycling path along this trail. As of June 2019, the project is in construction phase and parts of the trail are being worked on up and down the length of the trail. A website has been developed for the trail — — that contains up-to-date information and documents related to the trail project. In addition to the state-led work, the Village was awarded a grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway for a project to support the trail within the Village. The grant funds were used toward the recently constructed pavilion at the Village Commons in June 2019.


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