Water Department Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the water smell like chlorine?

Chlorine is automatically added to the water as a disinfectant, as required by NYS Department of Health. Concentration of chlorine vary throughout the Village, depending on location, water temperature and seasonal variations.

Why do I have low water pressure?

There are several reasons for low pressure, including water main breaks or internal home plumbing problems. If you do experience low pressure, call the Water Department at (518) 766-3850 and we will help to determine the cause.

Why do I have discolored water?

Discoloration of water can result from many reasons: Red or rust color could result from a water main break or from an open fire hydrant in your neighborhood. Milky water could be the result of additional air within the water system, from a water main break or other system shut down. Black/brown particles is sediment from within the water lines. Internal plumbing and fixtures can also discolor the water.

Is the water fluoridated?

No, fluoride is not added to Village water.

When are the water bills mailed out?

Bills are mailed out semi-annually – late March and late September

Why isn’t the water usage metered?

The cost to install, maintain and read the water meters outweighs the benefit.

Should I shovel out the fire hydrant near my house?

It is most helpful if residents help by clearing snow from around the fire hydrant(s) near your home.